Questions and Answers

Common Inquiries

How many dogs can you walk at once?

I walk no more than 5 well behaved compatible dogs at once although I am insured to walk 6.

Where do you walk the dogs? 

Walk locations vary and change frequently depending on the time of year and what dogs are in the group.

Common walking locations:

  • Hengistbury Head

  • Southbourne Beach

  • Alum Chine Beach

  • Iford Playing Fields

  • Throop Mill Loop

  • Canford Heath

  • Canford Sang Nature Reserve

  • St Catherine’s Hill

  • Strouden Park

  • Queens Park

An example of somewhere we wouldn't use for walks is Red Hill Park as it is surrounded by roads and not big enough for an hours walk. 

How do pets travel?

Pets travel either in the boot or on the backseat. All dogs are secured in transit. Doggie seat belts are used on the back seat. In the boot, the dogs are also secured with seat belts to ensure they can’t jump out when I open the boot.

My vehicle is insured for business use.

Does the price include pickup and drop-off?

Yes, all walks include collection from the dog's location, travel, the walk and then a drop-off.

Will you let my dog off the lead?

Only if you are happy for me to do so and I am 100% sure of your dogs recall. This will be discussed in the meet and greet.

Do you worry the dogs will run away?

This is probably the most commonly asked question and the answer is ofcourse! But here's what we do to ensure it does not happen: 

  • Before any walk, pet sit or service, we complete a meet and greet and go through a form detailing behaviour and social skills. 

  • The first walk will always be a lead walk with lots of treats and affection so your dog can get used to my touch, voice and smell. 

  • A training lead is used on either the first or second walk to test recall. 

  • Dogs are only grouped with dogs they are comfortable and compatible with. 

  • During the meet and greet, the owner signs an off-lead consent form. Your dog will only ever come off the lead with us if you sign this section. This is entirely your choice - they're your fur baby after all. 

  • Better judgment is exercised at all times, so if we feel it is appropriate to place your dog back on the lead for any reason then we reserve the right to do so at our discretion. 

  • Your dog will only ever come off the lead when we are 100% sure is it safe to do so and we know your dog will return to us. 

What do I need to provide for walks?

All you need is an eager pooch, their harness and/or collar and an ID tag with your surname and contact details on.

Amber provides: 

  • Poo bags

  • Leads

  • Freshwater & Bowels 

  • Treats 

  • Balls

  • Whistle & Clicker

What does your insurance cover?

I am fully insured for Public Liability, including negligible and key cover. 

I am DBS checked and hold business insurance on my vehicle so your pets are safe in my care.