Work, a wedding, days away or a holiday. Whatever the reason 'Dog walks with Amber' has a variety of services to lend a helping hand in caring for your pets whilst life is in the way. 

Available on a regular or ad hoc basis.

All services are subject to an initial free of charge consultation to ensure we are providing the best possible care for your fur family. 

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Dog walks - Pack & solo

Pack walks are a great way for your pet to get some exercise and meet new friends at the same time. Amber only accepts well-behaved animals in the pack to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Pack walks are offered daily for those furry pals who have a whole lot of energy to burn.

Solo walks are fantastic for nervous dogs who don't like to mix with others or don't react well in a high stimulation setting. Amber and your dog with head to a quiet location where your paw pal can get the exercise they need without worrying about others. 

Walks cover a variety of locations to keep thing new and smell interesting for all and you'll return to a mellow home and relaxed dog. 

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Pet & Puppy Visits

Pet Visits offer durations of 30 minutes or 1 hour to care for animals in their home. 

Services may include: 

  • Feeding

  • Play

  • A short walk around the block

  • Litter change 

  • Freshwater 

  • Cage cleaning

  • Medication administration

  • Let out for the toilet

PLEASE NOTE: This service will be offered to puppies or elderly dogs and cannot be used for fit and healthy dogs who need regular exercise. 

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Pet Sitting

It's my pleasure to share my love of animals with everyone I meet, especially your pets! When you’re away from home, you can trust me to take care of your furry friends with all the attention and love they deserve. Be assured that I will treat your pet as I would treat my own, with all of the playfulness they need.

Pet sitting is a great way to ensure your pets are cared for whilst you're away. Having a sitter come to you and in your home reduces stress and anxiety in the animal. Keeps to their routines and giving them personalised attention whilst adding security to your home.


Events Chaperone

Why should your fur baby miss out on your special day? After all, their family too. Amber will chaperone your pet from your doorstep and to your desired location and back making sure they're bow ties straight, coat groomed and they are photo ready. 

Take the stress out of your day by ensuring a professional is taking care of your pooch.